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Challenge is just that. .

January 30th, 2007 at 02:30 pm

This challenge is proving more difficult than I thought. You all make it seem effortless. Maybe some day it will be. . For now, I have some entries and will continue to look for ways to save and add to my challenge.

I took local roads to work last week and saved $5.00 (it's really 70 cents a day for the toll road but I'm rounding up). Also recycled a toner cartridge and got $3.00 coupon which I used to buy a ream of paper which I desperately needed.

Starting Amount: 72.00
Today's Amount : 8.00
Total: : 80.00

7 Responses to “Challenge is just that. .”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Don't get discouraged! It does take some time to get going, but anything is better than what you had before. Good luck!

  2. living_in_oz Says:

    Don't feel bad. I don't even try. I have cut my expenses back so far that I don't EVER have anything extra to put into the challenge! For example, some people "pay" themselves to exercise. Well, I excerise when I can, but I usually don't have the extra dollar to go towards paying for the challenge...it's being used somewhere already like debt payment or savings. I literally have every penny budgeted already. If I come in under budget in any catagory(which I do all of the time) I put the money towards debt(usaully at this time) or our IRA where it's earning interest.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    I'm like Living in Oz - we budget and put back in many many categories for upcoming expenses so there is really not a lot of 'extra'...just do what you can and it will begin to accumulate.

  4. librarylady Says:

    Good for you. That is what I am doing too. Just try to focus and do everything you can to save no matter how small.

  5. Money changes everything Says:

    I am new to this altogether. I do not understand the challenge money as I have read blogs all over this forum. I see most people's savings. I can not figure out the putting money into a challenge for exercising. This sounds like people who have money just laying around and find excuses to pay themselves?
    I do not see any value to exersizing unless my insurance company gives me a deduction and they have not done so as of yet for walking to the mail box to mail their check.
    This is what I am finding to be difficult in understanding the way this works.

    My family usually takes Sundays to drive around.
    We eat out on Sundays each meal.

    We did not of this so we saved 80.00 today. We use a debit card most of the time. What do I do? Do I go to the atm and deduct 80.00 and put it in an envelope? Do I just keep it in the bank and chalk it up as having it still in there and do not touch it?

    I am with you Morningstar. It seems effortless. That scares me. Everytime we get a mile ahead, something comes up and we need our savings plus some. That is why I came here. After reading some of the entrys, it seems even harder than I imagined. I can not compete with a challenge that compares my small change to someone paying themselves to exercise? How many do this?

  6. morningstar Says:

    Well welcome to the site, money changes everything. Glad to have you here. What I have gotten from the $20 challenge is that you start with a goal in mind and go from there. It is your personal challenge and you do what you desire to make it to your goal. For some, it is paying themselves to exercise, adding money saved from buying groceries, whatever and wherever you can save. Obviously, everyone has different circumstances and saves what they can. I find it to be an eye-opener that I thought I was frugal and am learning that I still have a lot to learn. I chose the $20 challenge because money comes and goes through my hands and I know I could be saving more by being mindful of where it is going and not being wasteful with it.

    Keep coming back to the site, there is so much here. If the $20 challenge isn't your thing, there are plenty of other things on the site that will catch your interest.

  7. Money changes everything Says:

    Thank you. You are kind.

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